TONY OSBORNE is a multi-discipline improvising performance artist. He has appeared in many theatre & dance productions in Perth (Perth Theatre Co & Still Moves Dance Laboratory), Sydney (Nikki Heywood ensemble) & Melbourne (Ashley Dyer’s Life Support). He began improvising in 1988 and developed a Performance Improvisation practice in Sydney from 2000. He has performed Roman Ondak’s Swap 5 times (2013/14 Sydney, 2014 Basel, 2015 Shanghai, 2017 New York). In 2018 he performed in duet with Nikki Heywood at ReadyMade Studio’s, Happy Hour and again at Performance Space, Liveworks as part of the Realtime retrospective. As a vocalist in 2016 he performed with Splinter Orchestra and TQM4F1 at Tectonic as part of the Adelaide Festival. His duet project (O/F) as vocalist with sax player Andrew Fedorovitch has been presented at the Nownow Festival Sydney and at Studio 8 Berlin. He has a wide experience in improvising dance and spoken word and continues his teaching practice in Sydney (since 2002) of body-based, vocal/narrative improvisation.