One on one or group-specific tuition by appointment.


Tony provides individual and special- interest group sessions to extend practice or build confidence in new or unfamiliar contexts.

“The only skill one needs to pursue the creative arts is the desire to do so”.

This has been the guiding principle in Tony’s facilitation of large and small groups in performance improvisation for the last twenty years.

A one-off session or a longer programme can be devised to assist in the following:

Improvisation & Performance

Understanding spontaneity

Developing composition skills



Body awareness

Pedestrian method

Age-neutral dance

Voice training

Finding your voice

Singing the body

Developing vocality for spoken word

Personal Development


Presentation of self

Public speaking

Reading your own performance

Individuals &

Small Groups (6 or less)

Price to be negotiated

all prices include studio hire and require full payment before commencement of 1st session