Tony Osborne has had 50 years experience in sales as a consultant to others and operating his own small retail businesses. Over that time he has also been a successful theatre artist and in these sessions all of those skills will be activated to find how best to help you with your confidence to speak effectively to any group of people.

So WHO are the Tony Osborne sessions designed for?

Anyone who wants to improve their communication skills will benefit from these one-on-one coaching sessions. They could be applied to a number of different contexts such as:

  • Performance
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Committee work
  • Personal interactions
  • Sales & marketing

Skills gained will enhance your ability to:

  • Communicate your ideas effectively
  • Adjust swiftly to unexpected contexts
  • Stay in control of your agenda
  • Be flexible in the face of opposition
  • Respond in the moment
  • Resolve conflicts arising
  • Project confidence & clarity


Series of 4 x 75 minute sessions
time-frame negotiable but all dates are set before commencement* and must be
completed within 75 days.
• Free 30 min introductory meeting* via zoom, skype or telephone.
• Fee $1500 (payable in 2 payments)


• Device with a camera/mic and zoom app downloaded (I can help you with this*).
• A space to work large enough to achieve a wide angle shot on your body (head to toe)


Effective communication
Language “clean-up”
Voice production
Retaining physical balance
Communication clarity
Enhancing authenticity
Maintaining confidence
Remaining calm under pressure
Managing fear & tension