INTERVIEW — The Improvisor’s Podcast   LINK

SOLO improvisation performed at On The Verge, Dancehouse, Melbourne HERE

HOMELANDS 2011    A short film initiative by Hans van der Broek  HERE

SWAP by Roman Ondak at ART BASEL 2014 (includes an appearance of the artist!) HERE

SWAP an interview with Roman Ondak HERE


DUET with Nalina Wait  HERE

TRIO with Ryuichi Fujimura & Sam Pettigrew 2010 HERE

PALIMPSEST – (choreography) HERE

SETTLEMENT – created during Hans van der Broek residency at Carriageworks, Sydney 2008 HERE

LIFE SUPPORT by Ashley Dyer — Dancer/Collaborator (Dance Massive, Melbourne, 2013)  HERE

TQM4F1 2016 — Tony Osborne: vocals/electronics, Cor Fuhler: prepared piano, Peter Farrar: Prepared Alto Sax, Bonnie Stewart: percussion, Jim Denley Prepared Alto Sax (absent on these videos).